Chris Rhodes is a graphic designer who graduated with honors from the Graphic Design program at Texas State University in December 2013. He enjoys all areas of graphic design, but has a particular passion for brand development and social media. 

He was the design intern at San Antonio Scorpions Soccer club during college, after graduating he worked as a design intern/contributing designer at THEYbklyn in NYC. In 2016 he moved back home to Texas where he worked as the Graphic Designer at 83bar for 16 months. Now he spends his time running his philanthropic clothing line, FLAVNT Streetwear, with his twin sister, and creating content for social media. 

When he's not designing things for a living you'll either find him at the gym or blogging while probably binge-watching the latest Netflix original. Chris spends a lot of time giving back to the LGBTQ community — specifically via informational videos and advice provided on his social media pages. He also creates content for brands, drinks an excess of coffee, enjoys traveling, plays in too many social sports leagues to count, and loves Kelly Clarkson more than most people would likely admit.